Good angels gone bad

By January 14, 2011Plain Weird

Randy Demain has written a book about the Nephilim — the offspring of fallen angels. Basing his conclusions off apocryphal and pseudepigraphical (I know, even Word didn’t recognize this word. It means the false ascription of names of authors to works, even to perfectly authentic works that make no such claim within their text) writings, Demain contends that the Nephilim are alive and well and living in your hometown.

According to those hard-to-pronounce writings, whenever the Nephilim showed up, bad things happened. Most writings say that when the flood killed off their host bodies, they were chained up in hell until they were released in the last days (by the fifth angel. Some believe this has happened already). It’s long been believed the Nephilim disappeared after the flood. Demain says Noah, however, opened up the door to the Nephilim’s return when he got drunk and his son raped him. Yeah, I know — lots of questions. Even Demain’s daughter was left with more questions after reading this book. My own, with attempted answers, are:

How do you know you are not a Nephilim?
If you are reading this, you obviously appreciate wit, beauty and talent. You couldn’t possibly be a Nephilim.

How do you know if you are married to one?
If your spouse is bad to the bone and you have never seen any kind of empathy, remorse or shame demonstrated in his entire life, you might just be . . . it would be a great argument in divorce court, don’t ya think? 😉

How do you know if they have infiltrated your community?
Sort of same answer as being married to one. People have pointed the finger at Obama, Palin, the pope . . . but those same people don’t brush their teeth before bedtime, so we can’t count their opinions as truth.

Should I be afraid?
You’re already afraid. I can tell these things. No, you don’t need to be afraid, but you’ll have to find the book to find out why. (Randy, I need extra kudos for that one.)

Last thoughts
Someone really should write a movie script in which all the Nephilim are killed/ blown up/murdered/assassinated. After all, if they are only bad angels, then they are not human; the sanctity of human life rule wouldn’t come into play (and the boys/men would love it).

The book was a good read, full of Bible verses and quotes to back up Demain’s statements. You probably have a cemented opinion already on whether or not the Nephilim exist today, which is why it’s good to read and expand your perspective. We have enough cement.

You can buy the book here.


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