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I put up a Listly list recently on the benefits of the app, and I was delighted with it. You can see it here. Being the nosey curious type, I tracked down Nick Kellet, Listly’s cofounder, who graciously donated his time to tell me the story behind its success. The conversation would have been a lot faster had we recorded it, but I do love my typed words.

Listly’s founder, Shyam Subramanyan, put feet to his notion of creating a simple way for publishers to share interactive lists — he created the company and the product and put it online. Meanwhile, Nick was focusing on something completely different when he started thinking about how helpful it would be to have good online lists. Nick found Listly while he was researching the idea, and despite the presence of Listly’s competitors, he liked the layout and functionality of Listly the most. Now a dynamic duo, Shyam carries the torch of vision and direction, while Nick develops and executes the business and marketing end.

Thanks to crowdsourcing, community sites like Wikipedia are possible through the submission and editing of many users. Listly works the same way, in that users can add to a list, vote up or vote down, comment, share and add links.

My Year in Lists

My Year in Lists (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Listly lists

  • add approx. 5 times the interaction of a normal post (if you have followers to being with).
  • can be added to by their readers.
  • are free to create and embed.
  • stay current, thanks to their interactive features.
  • keep your info-snacking, channel-hopping, multitasking, speed-reading visitors on your site.
  • can be shared on other social media sites.
  • have SEO value.
  • can benefit online magazines’ community efforts.
  • build community.
  • encourage crowdsourcing.
  • make your blog look busy and engaging.
  • can be used to invite sign-ups.
  • add listening value.
  • create interactive, user-generated content.

And that’s not all.

Listly has bigger dreams than just showing up on your blog.

Image representing Alexa as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

-Listly is ranked #97,834 in Alexa’s traffic rank and climbing rapidly. (If you enter your own URL and compare results; that should impress you.)
-Nick and Shyam  are working on making interaction easier all the time, and their goal is to have creators, curators and sharers choose their app first.
-They hope to localize the app so that travel sites and local papers can promote favorites.
-Listly is already used in many other countries like Denmark and Serbia.
-Translations are coming.
-Lists and content can be sponsored.
-Users’ data can lead to targeted ad sales.

All in all, this is proof of what can happen when someone has the unction to see his idea through to completion, so dust off your ideas and run with one.

As for Listly, it wants to be your social platform of choice. Go on, make your list today. You’ll love it.

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  • Miles says:

    I thought this was an excellent article, and rated it so. Which is ironic, because I’m not really a fan of Listly. Maybe it’s because my geek fu is strong; to me a list is a list is a list. I generally just want my lists to be functional, not entertaining or interactive. And I *hate* when I go to a web site, blog or whatever, and have to wait for things to load (and wait…. and wait). Which has happened to me recently on a blog I value a great deal– except for those two blogs that make we wait (and wait).
    I’ll probably find a few occasions where I see the usefulness of Listly, but I really don’t expect to use it much. And frankly, that’s one of the best reasons to go use it and invest in them. I’m down with lots of cool, new stuff, but generally whichever social media I ignore at first is the one to take off.

  • Becky B says:

    A list of reasons WHY I like this article:
    1. Easy to read
    2. The cool clip art was eye- catching
    3. I use Listly, too ( shameless plug, here)
    Great Recipe Websites and Useful Apps
    Curated by Useful Tweets via:

    Thanks for you time and talents in sharing this article!

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