Lovely Review for Joy in a Box

I loved this review Sara posted today. When I write a book, I want to do more than just present pages of words mashed together on paper. I want to give a gift to my readers, one that adds to their lives. It looks like Sara got the gift. 🙂

5.0 out of 5 stars It gave me hope
By Saradia Chatterjee on May 17, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

The moment I finished reading this short story collection, I told myself that the author has chosen the perfect title! This book gave me hope and joy. I haven’t read a book in recent times which touched my soul in such a profound way. Some of the stories are fun, some are a little sad; but all of them share a message of hope and love.

Every story in this collection is very unique. A few of them have a surprise ending which completely changed the course of my imagination. The author has experimented with language and employed appropriate mode of speech to suit the situation of the narrator. Mostly, the characters in the stories learn to forgive and embrace love. All the stories are very inspiring. “Maude-in-law” inspired me to keep calm. “In the orange sherbet light” made me cherish the love that surrounds me, “Joy in a Box” made me rewind and look back at old memories.

This is a great book. I really feel blessed to have read it. You should get hold of this book if you are looking for inner peace and hope.


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