You can live life plugged into the Holy Spirit zone. God wants people to know him, and you get to be the conduit of his love, supercharged with all God’s tools for purposeful living. Learn how to activate and use them –  hear God’s voice quickly and clearly through the world around you. Understand the messages God sends through visions, dreams, and prophetic words, and share his words in a healthy way. Give love away through the arts, physical healing, and intercession. Be comfortable sharing the gifts of the Holy Spirit with everyone.


There is no other tool quite like this one. Whether it’s related to prophecy, tongues, or God’s spiritual nature, this book will bring you all the way into a mature connection with our wonderful Holy Spirit and his gifts. I highly recommend this for all ages and groups to study from. — Shawn Bolz, Senior Pastor, Expression58, Los Angeles

Sally’s book is an excellent tool that makes moving in the Spirit and hearing him speak seem so easy and attainable. — Jerame and Miranda Nelson, Cofounders, Living At His Feet Ministries

Imagine a reassuring compass in the hands of a seasoned traveler traversing landscapes unknown, yet known. Sally has given us that compass–a masterfully woven together and worthwhile study that will serve all well, regardless of where readers are in their journey with Christ.
— Brian Francis Hume, Founder, Burning Lamp Media & Publishing

I have been so blessed by this book. It made me laugh, cry, and drink in revelation all at the same time. I couldn t put it down, and I want everyone in the school and on our prophetic teams to have a copy. –Pastor Sally Curtis, Director, Victory School of Supernatural Ministry, Houston

Sally Hanan has an incarnational gift. She can take the mysteries of the spiritual and make them thoughts you can wear on your hands and feet. This is the missing manual for living life that you should have been given when you were born, or at least when you were born again. –Bill Vanderbush, Director, Texas School of Supernatural Ministry, Austin

Pastor Mike Schaefer is close to death from the life-threatening injuries of a skiing accident. His close, extended, and church families are determined to see him through.  Joining forces to call on heaven and assail hell, they agree with one voice that he will not die but live to declare the works of the Lord. Read this emotional yet triumphant story of the faith of many and the day-to-day miracles of the God they serve.


I couldn’t put it down! A great read. ~ Sandy Sheer, Co-pastor, Tulsa Church, Oklahoma

Sheri Schaefer gives us a blueprint on how to be victorious during times of great trials. ~ Bob Thorsen, President, Bob Thorsen Construction

You will feel Sheri’s pain, you will experience Sheri’s victory, and ultimately you will learn that Ten Minutes to Live is proof that all things are possible. This book is for anyone going through a difficult time, especially those facing a medical crisis. ~ Dr. Leslie McNulty, Cofounder,
Christian Adventures International

If you’ve ever questioned God’s provision for your life, or even found yourself in a position of questioning your own faith in God, Ten Minutes to Live is the key to unlock the God-given strength you never imagined existed within yourself. As Sheri and her family demonstrate their unwavering love for God and each other in the midst of painful experiences, you will learn how to stand when you’re faced with the storms of life. God’s faithfulness to his Word and the power in it resounds throughout this book—one that is a true inspiration to us all. ~ Cindy Mansfield, Station Manager KNAT-TV/ SW Regional Manager, Trinity Broadcasting Network

Your eyes have fallen upon a beautiful love story told in the face of darkest night. It is a journey of faith and love crowned with triumph and hope. Having witnessed this family overcome this trial was to behold the beauty of the Lord’s unfailing love worked out in real life. Mike and Sheri have blessed us by their unwavering faith in our ever-present Father. ~ D. Alan Hawkins, D. Min., Pastor, New Life City

Fix Yourself is a workbook designed to help heal your heart and mind in God’s presence so that you can move into emotional and spiritual wholeness. Each exercise encourages you to reflect on God’s truth and then apply it. The truth is that there is nothing wrong with your original design, and in Jesus you will find everything you need to be restored to your unique and magnificent self. This book will help take you there, or at least help begin the journey.

Because this is in workbook form, it can be adapted for use in small groups, with a mentor, or in workshops.


I really like this and will use it with my pastoral and inner healing teams. This is an amazing workbook that will be great for groups, individuals, and married people; with prayers, reflections, and work assignments that chart out inner change and help you to see God in the light of his love for you. Bravo for this great book! ~ Shawn Bolz, Senior Pastor of Expression58, Author of The Throne Room Company, Keys to Heaven’s Economy, and The Nonreligious Guide to Dating and Being Single

Sally Hanan shows us that part of fixing our eyes on Jesus is fixing ourselves in Jesus. This workbook is a wonderful reminder of all that Christ purchased for us on the cross and a practical guide to supernatural development that will introduce the reader to all that life can be in Jesus.
~ Bob Hazlett, Director, Touch of Fire Ministries, Author of The Roar: God’s Sound in a Raging World

This workbook is such a powerful tool in helping overcome lies and walls that we’ve built in our hearts and minds. Sally loads this manual with truth and biblical perspective that will help everyone overcome ungodly beliefs and lies they’ve believed about themselves or about God. We highly recommend this workbook to anyone wanting to walk in freedom and live out a victorious Christian life! ~ Jerame & Miranda Nelson, Directors, Living at His Feet Ministries; Jerame is author of Activating Your Spiritual Senses, Activating God’s Justice, & Activating Your Dream Language

A blind girl has a gift; a father’s heart breaks; a young boy in Africa might die; the step-children want her dead husband’s money . . . read these short snippets of fiction and be prepared to gasp, giggle, and groan. Sally Hanan’s insight into the human heart brings a depth of richness to her stories, many of them written in a poetic style of prose that flows and gurgles like a country creek.

Her poignant crystal clarity of truth and honest point of view of meaning and simplicity gathers together in the smallest set of words for each short story. . . . These stories reminded me of just one word–HAIKU. . . .

. . . the antagonist-–generally a normal aspect of any written story–-isn’t entirely concrete, malleable, even visible. We’re not talking about a villain dressed in black here, or a mean old lady out to skin 101 dalmations for their fur. The conflict is something inside rather than outside. The plot is more based on thought than on action. The story moves more on the concept of memories than on events. Sort of like . . . Haiku. ~ Pierre Dominique Roustan, author of The Cain Letters

It takes a special talent to write a complete story in a few words. Sally Hanan has that talent, and most of her stories have an interesting twist ending. ~ Lena Nelson Dooley, award-winning author of Wild West Christmas, Christmas Love at Lake Tahoe, and Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico

A well-written and thought-provoking book of inspiring stories. Each story was so different and well-written.This book is more than JOY; it stands for HOPE! ~ Fran Lewis, author of My Name is Bertha, Bertha Speaks Out, and Bertha Fights Back

This is a memorable book with stories for everyone. It’s easy and quick to read each story, and they leave you thinking and curious. They also have a background in the real world (which is included in footnotes) so people can go and explore. ~ J.E., Creator of, a site for writers


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