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By March 12, 2012Social media
  1. Pick your admins
    The best number of admins for overseeing the ins and outs of chat hosting is up to you, but most chats limit the number to three. Pick admins who are always within online reach and who are willing to actively participate on an ongoing basis.
  2. Choose your hashtag
    1. Make sure no one else is using it. There’s nothing worse than being in competition with other chats for no reason.
    2. Make it something that’s pretty obvious as to its value. Many Twitter users will see the back and forth of a twitter chat on their screen and click on it if it looks interesting. We picked #bizmomsknow to focus on biz moms and their knowledge.
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  3. Buy the domain name
    Buying the domain name will cement your ownership of the hashtag even more, and deter others from using it as their own. You don’t have to create a full website — all it really needs is a simple splash page with info about the chat on it, but social media is about having impact in all areas, so building up the info on the site is never a bad idea.
  4. Decide how often you’ll host a chat
    Every week/every other week/once a month? In business, it’s best to know your weaknesses and then work with them. If you know it will be difficult to chat weekly then stretch out the chats.
  5. Decide on the best time for your chat
    Probably the easiest way to figure out your chat time is to first research what time of day and which day most of your followers are actively engaged on Twitter.
  6. Embed the chat
    Embed the chat so that it shows up on your website. Some people prefer to get off twitter and follow a chat on a less busy page.
  7. Link to the admins
    You need to take advantage of all the advertising you can get. Link to the Facebook and Twitter pages of your admins in order to get more likes and follows.
  8. Pick your topics
    Try to pick topics you know a good bit about, and if you don’t, invite someone who does as your special guest. If I was to create a chat specifically for my niche, I’d talk about copywriting tips, catchy headlines, calls to action, etc. 
  9. Advertise your chats in advance
    Talk about which topic you’ll cover that week and invite questions from others invested in your niche. The more involved you get your audience in advance, the more attendees you’ll have on the day.
  10. Have FUN!
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