The Business Plan: Why All Your Efforts Aren’t Working

By March 9, 2012Mind at Work

I was at a local community college getting my teeth cleaned by a dental student yesterday, and she was having problems trying to get her scraper to scrape precise areas on my teeth without having it suddenly slide into my gums. Yes … it hurt. Because this was a learning experience for her, she did what every student should do — she asked for help.

The instructor mentioned the importance of the student’s fulcrum* — where she was resting her hand. The place where her hand rested needed to be the central pivot for her work with the scalpel. As soon as she moved her hand to a steadier, more reliable fulcrum, the scalpel stayed where it was focused and my gums were safe once more.

The tool was a good tool. Her hand was a good control panel. It just wasn’t enough.

Perhaps you’re focused.
Perhaps you have all the right tools.
Perhaps you have plenty of knowledge.

Where is your fulcrum?


*Fulcrum: prop: a : the support about which a lever turns
b : one that supplies capability for action

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