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Mental Floss is a website for people who think they know more than everyone else, or they want to. Then again, it could be that Mental Floss’s fans just love knowledge. I read it from cover to cover. . . .

Mental Floss smarts kit

Mental Floss smarts kit (Photo credit: extraface)

Nevertheless, Mental Floss has a store full of very cool t-shirts, and some of them are perfect for writers because they display very clever wordsmithing.

Ambiguity: What happens in Vagueness stays in Vagueness.

The Comma Sutra: Making Grammar Sexy Since 1875.

Hyperbole is the Best Thing Ever!

I’m an English major. You do the math.

Idioms are for the Birds.

I avoid clichés like the plague.

Spell Czech.

Signature of J.R.R. Tolkien. Taken from J. R. ...

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Hobbits are Tolkien Minorities.

Veni Vidi Wiki: I came. I saw. I edited collaboratively.

The Constitution: I Read it for the Articles.

Palindromes are rasemordnilap.


You can order these t-shirts and others from the Mental Floss store.

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