CHAOS to Peace


Karen was such a fantastic client in so many ways. Together we did everything we could to give CHAOS to Peace the sound, look, and message that is such a solid part of her daily life.

Musings of the Moment


Charles had written many poems over the years to share his love for God, his wife, and his family. I had the honor of editing and typesetting these and then creating a lovely cover.

Exploring the Prophetic


I had the delightful job of editing this one — one of his best books so far. I didn't do the typesetting in it, but it's gorgeous. I did, however, get to update his bio and write some copy for it for his website.

Transform Your Mind in 21 Days


Transform Your Life in 21 Days: A Devotional of Destiny by Miranda Nelson, December 13, 2017 Miranda was heading out to Africa to [...]

Marriage & Relationship Success


Marriage and Relationship Success: It's intentional by Richard E. Hellen, December 13, 2017 This is Richard's second book. We also got to work on [...]

Into Otherness


This is Miles's third book in his fiction series about Gerald and his friendship with dragons. I love how thorough he is with every detail of his books, and the chapter-opening pages have exquisite artwork you can see if you "look inside" on Amazon.

You Can Survive Divorce


You Can Survive Divorce: Hope, Healing, and Encouragement for Your Journey by Jen Grice, June 17, 2017 This was Jen's first foray in the world [...]

Awake to Righteousness


Awake to Righteousness: A Life-Changing Look at the Substance of Salvation by Mark Greenwood, June 10, 2017 Working with Mark was an incredible experience. [...]

Translating God


I did two edits on this manuscript — a substantive edit and a basic edit. I also wrote the jacket copy, the Amazon copy, and all the copy for the website about the book and workbook. 

The Roar


The Roar: God's Sound In A Raging World by Bob Hazlett,  Kindle Edition, August 20, 2013 I was fortunate enough to work with Bob [...]

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