Understand the messages God sends through visions, dreams, and prophetic words, and share his loving words in a healthy way–through gifts like the arts, physical healing, and intercession.

Pastor Mike Schaefer is close to death, but his close, extended, and church families are determined to see him through. Read this emotional yet triumphant story of faith.

A blind girl has a gift; a father’s heart breaks; a young boy in Africa might die; the step-children want her dead husband’s money . . . Sally Hanan’s insight into the human heart brings a depth of richness to her flash fiction stories, many of them written in a poetic style of prose that flows and gurgles like a country creek.


Fix Yourself is a workbook designed to help heal your heart and mind in God’s presence so that you can move into emotional and spiritual wholeness. Each exercise encourages you to reflect on God’s truth and then apply it. Because this is in workbook form, it can be adapted for use in small groups, with a mentor, or in workshops.

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The Light in Your Name
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A modern, gender-swapped retelling of Tale of Two Cities