Sending Those Queries

I’ve been sending out queries for my latest novel in the hopes of finding an agent to love it. Here’s the summary of responses so far:

8 said it either wasn’t the right fit for them or their agency.

8 responded with not loving it enough or being ready to fight for it:

  •  I just didn’t connect with it the way I had hoped.
  • I didn’t feel passionately enough about it.
  • While I enjoyed reading this sample, I am afraid I did not feel enthusiastic enough to take it further.
  • I did not feel passionate enough about your project.
  • I am afraid in the current tough market I do have to be completely bowled over by something to take it on, and I’m afraid I didn’t feel quite this strongly about your work.
  • I do not feel it is something we could place successfully in the current publishing climate.
  • I did not feel quite gripped enough by the opening chapters of your work to absolutely fall in love with your concept.
  • It just doesn’t quite grab my imagination in the way that it must for me.

3 said nice things like

  • Much to admire, and
  • There is an awful lot I like about it, and
  • We all thought your writing was heartfelt and fluid.

2 gave me great feedback which has helped me revise the MS (manuscript).

We felt that the quickly moving passage style in which the work was written made it too difficult for us to connect properly with the characters in the way we would need to in order to offer representation. We wish you the very best of luck with placing your work elsewhere, and would love it if you would send any future work in to us for consideration.

I have read your material, and  the story is an engaging one. The synopsis certainly suggests a relatable, emotional roller-coaster. Una is a wonderful, lively narrator, but I found myself less concerned with Ellie’s perspective and wonder if the story would be better served by a single narrator, especially as they are sisters and it would be difficult to get much of a distinction between their separate voices.

I still have many more agents to query, but so far it’s been an enlightening experience, and I hope yours is too. Good luck!


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