Wanted (if you dare)

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Respect-demanding figure who will tutor teenage boy in remaining Geometry classes. Must have sense of humor and nerves of steel. Must complete 20 lessons and final test with him by Friday.

    Teenage boy will:

try to talk you into doing the work
roll eyes
tell you to chill
speak with muffled grunts
play Runescape as you explain
be tired
visit bathroom repeatedly
eat frequently

Yes. I. am. serious.

Hotties need not apply.


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  • It took us a while to find the right tutor for our son (back in the day of homeschooling), but once we did–woo-hoo! Though he still rolled his eyes and demanded food.

  • Miles says:

    If I were available I’d so be there. But I’m not sure 20 lessons by Friday is gonna work with just a couple of hours in the evening without the use of a stimulus package[1], and that could cause other problems.

    My wife insists I’m a hottie but hopefully her criteria are a little different.[2]

    [1] Cattle prod, pepper spray, etc.
    [2] Then again, a hottie might just do the trick. “Ace these lessons by Friday and we’ll go to dinner and a movie.” He’d be done before she left that day. I know my friends and I would have.

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