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Author websites

Authors like you understand the importance of having a strong platform in today’s digital world. An author website is a powerful tool that can help you connect with your readers, promote your book, publish reviews, and establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche.

  • At Inksnatcher, our services include delivering beautiful and functional websites for authors like you who understand there is more to the story than just publishing the book.

Our team has years of experience spanning Fortune 50 and small business, paired with a deep understanding of the unique needs of authors. Their charter is to create a website that perfectly showcases your book to your target audience.

Why You Should Work with Us to Build Your Author Website

Selling Your Book(s)

We can build your website to promote and sell just one book or multiple series.

Your products can be sold in one of two ways:

Ecommerce Store

To earn more profit per book sold, many authors choose to have an ecommerce store on their site instead of losing a large percentage of each sale. Once the store is built, only the credit card processing fees and shipping fees would come out of the purchase price for each book.

External Links

Another way to sell your books is to list them in online marketplaces like Amazon or Draft2Digital. You can provide links to those listings on your site. You don’t have to spend any time mailing books, but you will have to pay online retailers a portion of your book price — up to 55%.


The beauty of WordPress is that once your website is built, you can make minor edits to your site without having to learn how to code.

Tailored to Your Current Needs and Future Plans

Whatever your needs and plans are, we will build out the digital home for your publications.

For new authors with one book you plan to sell through print-on-demand bookstores like Amazon, we will craft a section with purchase links that take your visitors to your book’s sale pages on those sites.

If you are an author who has, or plans to have, multiple books published and sold through online bookstores, we will build a site designed to grow as your product offerings increase.

Selling through print-on-demand bookstores is not for everyone, so another option is to add an ecommerce store to your site, where all book orders are processed. You package and mail all the orders, or you can warehouse and distribute them through a third party fulfillment center.

Author Website FAQ

What is the process to build an author website?2023-03-08T15:09:23-06:00

Once you have decided to hire us to build your site, we will follow the process detailed below:

  • We send you your development contract to sign and submit.
  • You pay a deposit.
  • You send your written content and your visual assets.
  • You select your site design template.
  • We build the site and and showcase your book(s).
  • You review our first draft and submit any revisions.
  • You review the final changes.
  • Your site launches.
How long does it take to build an author website from start to finish?2023-03-08T15:08:37-06:00

Working with a predesigned template enables you to have your website up and running faster than having a site built from scratch.

Once you’ve sent us all your images and content, and we’ve agreed on a start date, development normally takes two to four weeks to develop the early version of it and get your first bit of feedback. If you need additional pages of features, it can take a few weeks more than this.

After your feedback has been submitted, we generally allow another pone to two weeks for final changes before publishing.

What written content will I need for an author website?2023-03-08T15:14:21-06:00

To build an website that informs the visitor about you and about your work, you will need the following for each book:

  • A short description about your book
  • A long description about your book
  • A list of who your target audience is and details about their demographic – average age, income, reading preferences, and more.
  • Your book’s genre, book’s page count, ISBN
  • Version list (hardback, paperback, kindle etc)
  • Chapter 1 so visitors can get a flavor of how your book opens (optional)
  • A list of external sites where visitors can buy your book

If you have books that are part of a series, you will need:

  • The series title
  • The series description
  • The number of books in the series
  • Details on any how any books or series are connected so we can cross link them

Also, you will need the following:

  • Author bio
  • Your story about writing the book(s), including inspiration, challenges, contributors
  • Authors who inspire you
What images do I put on an author website?2023-03-08T15:16:26-06:00

As a bare minimum, you will need to supply the following images:

  • 1 author headshot for the bio
  • 1 cover image of the book
  • Any internal images of the book showing the layout

All the images must be at least 72 DPI – dots per inch – and big enough to show on a monitor properly.

If you don’t have any images of the inside the book, we can make one if you supply the PDF for the print version.

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