Correction of grammar, punctuation, spelling, terminology
A good choice for the experienced writer who has a good command of the rules of English grammar

Correction of grammar, punctuation, spelling and terminology on a document that requires a greater degree of improvementPerfect for the writer who has already had friends go over the document and now needs a professional to add his or her expertise.

Line-by-line restructuring and correction
Great for the writer who writes the way he or she talks and needs the manuscript to sound more professional and to flow well.

Ensures translated text has its desired meaning conveyed appropriately$0.02/word

Web content, ad copy, simplified jargon, brochures, business bios, blog posts, marketing materials, manuals | $0.25/word

I will write your book for you. $50/hr

The content that goes on the back of your book–specifically written to entice the buyer to pick it up and buy it | $50

The bio that goes by your photo on the back of your book | $50

Design a book cover or eBook cover unique to your content. | $40/hr or fixed project price

Complete layout of your book—includes all fonts, margins, chapter headings, pictures, blocked text, footnotes, etc. | $40/hr or fixed project price

DIY — Do It Yourself. I will guide you through your self-publishing journey from start to finish. Includes manuscript editing, interior layout, ISBN number, publishing imprint logo, cover design, author’s bio, jacket copy, printing options, proofreading, etc. | $40/hr or fixed project price

As a first time author, I knew almost nothing about the process. Sally gave me help with every part of the process and made it easy, even the things I didn't know I needed help with! Very fast and very affordable! Highly recommended!

Jonathan Fitt

I brought Sally in a bit late in the process of publishing my first novel. While I had a good editor already, I'm a firm believer in having multiple sets of eyeballs involved. Sally caught a number of things we had missed. She also hooked me up with an amazing designer (interior and cover) she works closely with. My first novel is far better for Sally's involvement. Her rates are reasonable and she's worth every bit of what she charges, and then some.

Miles O'Neal

I've worked with people in the past on various projects; however, I have never worked with someone that exhibited the professionalism, timely responses and attention to detail as Sally. I can't express enough gratitude for her contributions and years of insight to ensure my book represents my best work. There are a lot of people that edit; however if you desire someone that will be the difference between acceptable and greatness look no further than Sally.

Richard Hellen