30 Days with Papa


30 Days with Papa: A simple journey deep into the heart of the God you really want to know by Tom Wymore. A beautiful devotional about how to know God intimately. I coached Tom through the self-publishing process, and we worked together on every aspect.

Make the World Your Runway


Liris and her sister, Karen, put together this fabulous book to showcase all that's possible when you work hard to maximize what you've been blessed with. We did everything but the cover design, which was done by the amazing Camden Lane Creative Agency.

Of His Increase


It's a wonderful experience as an editor to work with such a client. Marilu gulped up every bit of knowledge I passed her way and passed more back to me, thanks to her research. Together we put her testimonies, teachings, and story into chapters so she could have something ready for all the hungry people she speaks to on her travels.

A Year of Mindful Wellness


Lisa worked on this book chapter by chapter over about ten months, and together we fine-tuned her words until they said exactly what was on her heart. Her delight in excellence made this book what it became, especially her willingness to go the extra mile and create custom-made illustrations for one chapter.

CHAOS to Peace


Karen was such a fantastic client in so many ways. Together we did everything we could to give CHAOS to Peace the sound, look, and message that is such a solid part of her daily life.

Musings of the Moment


Charles had written many poems over the years to share his love for God, his wife, and his family. I had the honor of editing and typesetting these and then creating a lovely cover.

Transform Your Mind in 21 Days


Transform Your Life in 21 Days: A Devotional of Destiny by Miranda Nelson, December 13, 2017 Miranda was heading out to Africa to [...]

Marriage & Relationship Success


Marriage and Relationship Success: It's intentional by Richard E. Hellen, December 13, 2017 This is Richard's second book. We also got to work on [...]

Into Otherness


This is Miles's third book in his fiction series about Gerald and his friendship with dragons. I love how thorough he is with every detail of his books, and the chapter-opening pages have exquisite artwork you can see if you "look inside" on Amazon.

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