To build an website that informs the visitor about you and about your work, you will need the following for each book:

  • A short description about your book
  • A long description about your book
  • A list of who your target audience is and details about their demographic – average age, income, reading preferences, and more.
  • Your book’s genre, book’s page count, ISBN
  • Version list (hardback, paperback, kindle etc)
  • Chapter 1 so visitors can get a flavor of how your book opens (optional)
  • A list of external sites where visitors can buy your book

If you have books that are part of a series, you will need:

  • The series title
  • The series description
  • The number of books in the series
  • Details on any how any books or series are connected so we can cross link them

Also, you will need the following:

  • Author bio
  • Your story about writing the book(s), including inspiration, challenges, contributors
  • Authors who inspire you