I've always found checklists handy, and this one for self-publishing is no exception. If you think I've left something out, let me know so I can add it. Feel free to print this and share.

Most important

(and do this before you pay anyone to do any work on your book or you'll waste a lot of money)

  • Finish book and promise to change nothing.
  • Finalize title and subtitle.

To get interior ready


  • Choose cover photo or art.
  • Choose your book cover designer. 
  • Jacket copy – goes on the back cover to hook people into buying the book
  • Bio – short (50 words)
  • ISBN x 2 and barcode (for both print and eBook)
  • An imprint logo for the back and spine – if you buy your own ISBNs
  • Endorsements x at least 2, if you have them (for first page and back cover)


Final check

  • Digital check online
  • Order proof copies
  • Final proof – can be done by nitpicky friends, but I strongly recommend a proofreader too



  • Book blurb/description for Amazon sales page
  • Amazon author page
  • Friends ready to write reviews on Amazon
  • Choose launch date
  • Set up book for preorders - only possible with Ingram Spark, not KDP
  • Set up preorder campaign
  • Set up book signings

Bulk orders

  • Bulk order for your book launch, conferences, and workshops at least 3 weeks in advance and mail straight to event center.

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